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Plzen (Pilsen) and Pilsner Urquell Brewery - Private Excursion

Plzen private excursion price list

Group Total Price For Whole Group Total Duration
1-4 per. 2950 CZK/ 118 EUR/ 98 GBP 5 hrs
5-8 per. 3850 CZK/ 154 EUR/ 128 GBP 5 hrs
more per. Ask Us - - -

Note - If you pay in cash in other than local Czech currency, the price may vary slightly, based on the actual exchange rate

Price excludes: tour guide or any entrance fees.


Phone bookings: +420 722 130 991

Plzen (Pilsen)

PlzenPilsen is the fourth largest city in the Czech Republic. It is located in western Bohemia. It is an important industrial, commercial, cultural, and administrative center.
The city was founded on the confluence of four rivers - Uhlava, Uslava, Radbuza and Mze - by the Czech king Wenceslas II in 1295. Situated on the crossroads of two important trade routes and close to Prague, Pilsen experienced an immediate rapid growth.
Nowadays, the Pilsen metropolitan area covers 125 square kilometres. Its population is 165, 000 inhabitants.
The rich cultural and economical standard of life in Pilsen is particularly enhanced by its heritage. In 1989, the ancient town center was declared a historical landmark to be carefully preserved. The rich architectural gems here include Gothic St. Bartholomews Cathedral, Renaissance City Hall, Baroque reconstruction of the Archdeacons house and Franciscan Monastery, and the recently re-opened Great Synagogue of Pilsen. Many Pilsen public buildings, such as the city theatre, museum, the Burgher Hall or houses with Mikolas Aless sgraffiti, date back to the 19th century.
Industrialisation took off in the 19th century. At that time, such industrial giants as the engineering complex Skoda and the Pilsen Brewery were established. Nowadays, the modern industrial zone in Borska Fields represents an extraordinary project in the Czech industrial sphere.

Pilsner Urquell Brewery

Pilsner Brewery GateBeer has been brewed in Pilsen almost since its foundation. The first record related to brewing dates back to as early as 1307. It is the testament of Wolfram Zwinilinger, bequeathing his brewery and malt house to the church of St. Bartholomew.
Later on, beer was brewed only in the houses which were granted the brewing licence by King Wenceslas II. in the 13th century. In the 14th century, this privilege was only given to the houses inside the city gates. Brewing was a free burgher business unrestricted by guild regulations. The license was granted to 260 houses altogether, and therefore their individual manufacturing technologies and varying ingredients caused great differences in the quality of beer.
A milestone which changed the beer history was the year 1838 when 36 hectolitres (i.e. 6 335 U.K. pints / 7 606 U.S. pints) of poor quality beer had to be poured on the ground in front of the city hall.
This unfortunate event brought the beer licence holding burghers to the decision to ensure the everlasting quality of the Pilsen beer by building (by joint effort) a new modern brewery.
The success of the beer from Pilsen and the prosperity of the brewery were unstoppable and the trademark Pilsner Urquell soon became the synonym of quality all over the world.
Pilsner Brewery Website.

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